Hello world!

Welcome to The Nog's Blog. My first post, just to see how this all works.

18 responses to “Hello world!

  1. Wanted to be the first to comment on your new blog. Hmmm, no smileys here so . . . <smooch>

  2. No, I wanted to be the first to comment…

  3. Hello there. Happy memories of Seville, my son lived there for a year (TEFL) and we visited him a few Easters back. Tapas bars . . . a civilized way of living.

  4. Hi, Noggin! The hootoo blogring grows and grows…

  5. Hi nog, just stopped by to say hello.

  6. Just home from spending the evening being civilised *waves to Recumbentman* – Nog met me after my last classes and we went out for tapas and vino. First time sitting outside on a terrace in the evening this year (though we did it at lunchtime during the mini meet). And we were both thinking how lucky we are to live here, know each other, all that jazz.

  7. Hello Noggin!
    I’m posting here because I can – I think you know about the bugs in my machine.
    Just a thought about azahar natural clothing; when I click on ‘our products’, the image that greets me is charming, warm (even sexy) and welcoming; the home page photograph is of someone’s back.
    Do you think that replacing the home page photo with the open-armed, linen collection one might make the site more inviting?
    [I do realize that attracting buyers to the site in the first place is rather more pressing…(sorry).]
    All the best to you both.

  8. Hi Rudest elf,

    Thanks for your input! I’m afraid the photo selections were all mine. And it’s very interesting to hear how other people see them. I guess the thing I like most about the front page photo is the line of that shirt from the back and how ‘clean and simple’ it looks – I honestly hadn’t thought of it looking like something ‘unwelcoming’, but this is certainly something to think about and probably change.

    The little photo for the ‘our products’ page wasn’t one I had actually taken to use. After the photo shoot was mostly done and we’d had plenty of wine to drink and also a nice ‘gourmet pizza’ lunch, we took the last photos and then the girls started getting a bit silly – one of the results was that very happy ‘ta da!’ photo – which I didn’t think at the time was anything special. But afterwards I just thought it was so charming that we should include it somewhere.

    Do you think that photo would look better on the front page? Also asking this of anyone else lurking here. Please – we’d really appreciate input and suggestions. Also, please don’t worry at all about possibly ‘hurting our feelings’ by suggesting changes. Because this is exactly the sort of feedback we need.

    Does anybody else find that front page photo ‘unwelcoming’?

    We obviously can’t see the page in the same way a visitor or possible customer might see it. This is why feedback is so important for us. And we have no problem at all with trying out changes here and there to see what might work better.

    Cheers everyone!


  9. The last two comments have been added to the web traffic posting as they are more appropriate there. Can anyone wishing to reply to them do so in their new location. Thanks.

  10. hello. Why not try hemp clothing?

  11. Congrats, Noggin *bubbly*

    You’re quote of the day at Hootoo’s Front Page.

    …somtehing that runs in the family?

  12. Thought you might appreciate this:


    For ‘that thread’ on hootoo


  13. Had a quick look at this, and will read it properly when I have a bit more time.

    My first thought is that most people have no idea how much painstaking work is actually involved in original historical research and analysis (or indeed any other sort of original research and analysis).

  14. hey Nog – can you tell me what’s wrong with Azahar? I’m worried about her…..

  15. Not sure how much (if) you look at this blog now, but my thoughts are with you as well as az at this difficult time.

  16. I pop in from time to time, but haven’t felt much like writing anything recently. Thanks for dropping me a line though. It’s appreciated.

  17. See – I don’t look here much either (having only just seen your reply)! 😉

    I have no personal experiences to relate which would be any use to az, nor to yourself. All I can do is, as I said on casa az, be there as much as I can to keep you guys company.

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