And 8 random thoughts

  1. Philosophy is much too important to be taken seriously.
  2. The road to enlightenment is long and arduous, Grasshopper.
  3. Clarity is the path to inner peace.
  4. The universe is a self-consistent set of rules.
  5. Dualism is not a serious point of view with which to contend; it is a stick with which to beat one’s opponents.
  6. The universe is not like anything; it is only like something to be a consciousness in the universe.
  7. Language is the form of perception of thought.
  8. All human life is normative.

One response to “And 8 random thoughts

  1. 1. Once you’ve attended a birth you gain a sense of perspective.
    2. Rub her feet.
    3. The path to inner peace is long and bordered by thorns.
    4. The universe is chaos. Rules are a futile attempt to bind it to yourself.
    5. Dualism is an excuse for evil acts.
    6. You cannot be objective about a thing you are part of.
    7. Language is the memory of the species.
    8. All human life is but an instant, and will pass.

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