Wolfgang Pawli



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  2. They say…
    When Wolfgang Pauli died and went to heaven, the first thing he did was to seek out God, and to ask him why the Fine Structure Constant had the value it did (a problem that had much vexed him in life). God told him to drop by his office one day, and He would show him the original specifications for the material universe.

    A few days later Pauli turns up at God’s office, God hands him the specs, and Pauli settles down to read. As he does so he can be heard exclaiming from time to time, “oh, I like that… that’s neat… very elegant..” and so on.

    Then God hears his tone change. “Hmm,” says Pauli; and “oh dear.”

    “What’s up?” asks God.

    “Well, it’s this bit here,” says Pauli, pointing to a particularly
    complex equation. “No way will that ever work!”

  3. Selma (From Tehran, with love)

    I used to have a kitten just as geeky!

  4. Our favourite geeky cat is Azar, who is now my avatar here. Nog found him one morning sitting behind his laptop and said to me … “Get the camera!”

    We suspect Azar changes shape during the night, in order to explain some of the things he gets up to.

  5. Wonderful picture! As the eyes have already narrowed, one imagines the paws beginning to knead the page, the claws coming out as the creative process begins, the old is shredded and the new begins, soothingly, perhaps with a relaxed purr, “oh, yes, this is much better … “

  6. And so we ditch Einstein’s theory that the universe has no centre, and a new felocentric view of the world comes into being….

  7. yes, oh, yes *deep, satisfied purrring, you CATch on so well …

  8. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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