Tell people you work from home writing, and they’ll probably think you have it easy. After all, anyone, can doit, right? Wrong. Writing is hard work. For a start it’s not just the writing. It’s deciding what to write, or alternatively having to write about something which you don’t know much about. So it’s research; both of the subject, and maybe the intended audience, too. How you’re going to treat the subject, what style of writing to aim for, and all that.

Working at home isn’t easy either. Working at home is procrastination made easy. Working at home is constant random interruptions. No words of wisdom from me on dealing with that. Just ignore them as much as possible.

Good news. Possible new student for the new year, which would help to keep the financial ship afloat.

Happy New Year everyone.


4 responses to “Writing

  1. I don’t believe every one can make it working from home as a writer. It takes dedication, organization, creativity and a never give in attitude. More goes into writing than most people think. Like you said, planning and research are both a lot or work. However, in my opinion the real work of a writer is the editing process. That is always a grind.

  2. Want to blog more often?

    Subscribe to The Daily Post for inspiration. The rest is just perspiration. 🙂

  3. Good to see another blog entry from you. See if you can manage your full quota of 52 for 2011 … there’s a challenge! Am about to send you an email as I have a few items of family news to give you.

  4. I very occasionally work from home. Unless there is a very good reason to do it, I avoid it – it just doesn’t work for me, as you say, procrastination made easy.

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