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Sevilla English

I have recently changed hats on my Facebook and Twitter accounts and am now known there as Sevilla English. This is to build a brand for the work I am doing here in Seville, teaching English and Spanish to English translation, leaving Noggin (an online name which I have been using for about 8 years, and to which I have something of an emotional attachment), for some leisure and personal hobby uses.  This marks a new development in my online life into the sphere of social media, which seems to be where the action is right now.  We will see how it works out.



I’m currently doing a job that involves translating, editing and correcting academic medical articles written by Spanish researchers for eventual publication in English language journals.

I’m finding the work itself enjoyable, and so far even the limitations of my rather poor Spanish haven’t really been a problem.

But is there anybody else out there actually making a living doing this kind of work, or who has a working knowledge of the wider implications, problems etc (from either side of the fence, so to speak)? How closely do you work with clients, how “freeform” are your translations, how do you find work, how much do you charge?